Electronic music vibes made by 2 French brothers.

It all started with 2 French brothers. Their names are Rafael Terradillos and Axel Terradillos. The love for music started when they were twelve years old Electronic music vibes made by 2 French brothers.

Together they learned to play music at the Conservatory and learned to play many instruments such as piano and guitar.

Eventually, in early 2019 they decided to create a more personal music style. They have combined several styles of music with electronic music.
This music has been released under the artist name AWN.

Especially for NonCopyright, made AWN the song Every Single Tear non-copyrighted.

Download the song and use it completely free for your own content. This can be for your YouTube videos or covers.

When using the song it is mandatory to mention AWN in the description or video.

The song Every Single Tear -> Creative Commons license CC-BY

+ SONG NAME: Every Single Tear
+ SOURCE: noncopyright.com

**Your Rights**
If you download music, videos, images or other files from other companies/people, then you should read carefully what your rights are. It can happen that there are rights on for example a photo. On many platforms Creative Commons are used. More information can be found here. NonCopyright is not liable for any fines or violations of rights.

How to download

Step 1:
Go to the Soundcloud channel and follow AWN for more electronic music vibes.

Step 2:
Click on the download button in the upper right corner.

Step 3:
The song will be downloaded.

For even more music you can follow this link. And for more information about Creative Commons or the rights you have on music, go to this page.

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